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TallMan Naruto sees Hinata naked at the waterfall and thanks to an ancient Hyuuga tradition, the two now must become married. Can they find love, or will this forced marriage drive them even further apart? Back from Hiatus Rated: Sorry this took so long to post! My subscription to Microsoft word ran out half way through a chapter. Anyways I am really happy with the way this story is turning out! Only 3 chapters and almost two hundred reviews. However I posted a chapter to Sunflowers a few weeks back and I only got a minimal amount of reviews… I was very disappointed.

Hyuga Hinata

Creation and conception[ edit ] Hinata’s original design highly differed from the final one; she was not portrayed as a ninja initially. In creating Hinata Hyuga, Masashi Kishimoto originally designed a sketch which was shown to one of his assistants. In this sketch, Hinata was not a ninja and instead wore a fashion dress. Kishimoto remarked he had created this design for fun, emphasizing that he wanted Hinata to have a different personality.

Nonetheless, the final design changed drastically, with Hinata becoming a ninja and a modern girl at the same time.

Naruto hinata dating fanfic Posted in find on Posted on by admin Subverted when Naruto forgives a “future, lock and Load Montage: Completely and utterly subverted the morning of the Chunin Exam Invasion arc.

Because of her meek disposition, her father doubted that she was suited for the responsibilities of leading the clan, much less life as a ninja, leading him to disinherit her. Nonetheless, Hinata persevered and from observation of Naruto Uzumaki especially, Hinata found both an example to follow to be more assertive, and a person to love. Through her membership with Team 8 , she sought to become strong enough to change herself, if even a little at a time.

A few years after the war, Hinata married Naruto and eventually had two children with him. Contents Background Hinata and Hanabi fight for the heiress position. When she was still a child, Hinata was almost kidnapped by the-then Head Ninja of Kumogakure , who was visiting Konoha under the guise of signing a peace treaty between their two villages.

But even at a young age, her father came to believe that Hinata was not suited for the role of heiress, as she struggled under his gruesome training regime, on top of him also believing that her timid personality prevented her from truly excelling.

Naruto: 20 Things About Hinata That Make No Sense

Hinata accidently turns Naruto into a fox and has to take care of. But enough about that. What happens when the Hyuga Heiress gets caught spying on our.

Naruto And Hinata’s Wedding Was Terrible, Was The Worst Wedding In The History Of Anime – posted in Naruto General: Hello NaruSaku Forums! This topic is to discuss why Naruto and Hinatas wedding was terrible, And the NaruHina fans are pissed and I mean pissed about it.

After reviewing different manga for ideas, he ultimately developed Sasuke Uchiha. When creating the primary heroine, Kishimoto admitted, “I don’t have a definite image of what a heroine should be”. He eventually created Sakura Haruno , emphasizing “her energy and flirtatious spirit” as her primary characteristics. These three characters would be the mold for the other three main Naruto teams. Kishimoto wished for each team member to be “extreme”, having a high amount of aptitude in one given attribute, yet talentless in another.

This approach was used to make each team perform best when individual members worked together to overcome their weaknesses.

Hyuuga Hinata/Tenten

Well the outcome is quite simple He becomes The God of Fuinjutsu. NaruXHina, Sasuke bashing, but not until sometime later in the story. Based on what Kushina said about the Uzumaki clan. I own nothing in this fanfic, but my created characters they abilities and Jutsu and that is about all I own “Goes to corner and starts crying” Writing:

Yes, Naruto is married with Hinata Hyuga. They have two children, a son named Boruto Uzumaki and a daughter named Himawari Uzumaki.

I do not own Naruto No Flames Attention: I got a few private messages so I’m going to put everyone at ease. Also Raseganfin, Rixxell Stryfe I read what you said and might just do something like that so thanks for the info and ideas guys. One week later Konoha Sasuke smiled while the civilian council and Danzo gave him a chunin flack jacket “We hope this will encourage you to do more. We feel that you deserve this more then any of the others ever would” smiled one the the civilian council members, kissing Sasuke’s ass more than anything.

Sasuke was thrilled to get the rank of chunin before anyone else in his age group. Seeing that his match against Gaara wasn’t matched correctly, as he hid his full status while Sasuke went into a blind fight thinking his match was unfair. Many of the civilian council agreed to this while some of the proctotrs during the match thought that Sasuke deserve it showing he can fight on even ground with a controled jinchuuriki. But in all seriousness it didn’t really matter what justification they had, as they intended Sasuke to be given a promotion no matter what, whether or not the hokage approved.

Sasuke obviously felt the same way. It should have been me to have that power to stop Gaara’ thinking about his bad match up against him.

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When assigned to Team 7 , Sakura quickly finds herself ill-prepared for the duties of a shinobi. However, after training under the Sannin Tsunade , she overcomes this, and becomes recognised as one of the greatest medical-nin. Contents Background Sakura as an Academy student. Sakura is the only child of Mebuki and Kizashi Haruno.

She had an ordinary childhood, raised by her parents without any serious tragedy or complication. When she entered Konoha’s Academy , some of the girls in her class started picking on her because of her broad forehead. Sakura tried to combat their teasing by hiding her forehead with her bangs, but this proved to the other girls that it bothered her and caused them to tease her even more. Ino Yamanaka , one of her classmates, saw this, defended Sakura from her bullies, and encouraged her to embrace her forehead rather than hide it.

Over the following years, Ino’s guidance and friendship helped Sakura become comfortable with herself and develop into her own person.

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Hinata struggled to express herself, with her family being convinced that she was not suited for her position as the clan’s heiress. From spying on Uzumaki Naruto , Hinata finds an example to follow her own dreams, and to be more assertive. After joining Team Kurenai , she seeks to become a strong kunoichi, including to gain Naruto’s affection. Two years after the Fourth Shinobi War, she finally succeeded both goals. Contents Background Hinata as a child. While being born on December 27, which was three months after the Kyuubi’s attack on Konoha.

Wish I did but Masashi Kishimoto does. Naruto was grinning happily. bringing back Sasuke Hinata. His mind wandered off on her, they’ve been dating for a long time now and he’d had the feeling inside him. He wanted to propose to her, to marry her. Always he ha Wish I did but Masashi Kishimoto does. Naruto and Hinata dashed off to the.

Posted 29 June – This topic is to discuss why Naruto and Hinata’s wedding was terrible, And the NaruHina fans are pissed and I mean pissed about it.. Also why does Sakura blush heavily when ever her feelings for Naruto are always questioned?: Sakura can’t even say with a straight face and look someone directly in the eye when someone ask her if she’s truly happy that Naruto and Hinata are getting married: It’s because Sakura isn’t fully happy about the marriage, some feelings for Naruto still exist inside her, the excessive blushing she was doing while she was being questioned about it confirms that, If she was truly happy with Naruto and Hinata’s marriage she would have been able to confidently say that she’s happy without hesitation and without blushing like the other characters did, But nope she is acting indifferent compared to the other characters she has something to hide.

She just feels that she doesn’t deserve Naruto as much as Hinata does because Hinata was loving Naruto long before she started to but the romantic feelings for Naruto still exist strongly inside of Sakura Thanks Naruto for confirming yourself that Iruka was the first person to acknowledge you not Hinata: Kishimoto didn’t even write the Naruto and Hinata wedding Novel, But the writer of the Novel is telling us that Iruka was the first person that acknowledged Naruto, Does this mean that the writer of this novel is calling bullshiit on Kishimoto’s words when he said that Hinata was the first person to ever acknowledge Naruto?

Also this NaruHina wedding filler arc implies that Naruto has been Neglecting Hinata he rarely if not never spent any time with her despite being deep “lovers” Naruto doesn’t even want to spend time with Hinata which explains why Hinata has always been seen walking by herself during the entirety of this filler arc:

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