James Franco Hasn’t Hooked Up With Lana Del Rey but He Would Have Sex With Her Music

Channing Tatum helping girlfriend Jessie J with her new album as they confirm their romance – The Sun The SunChanning Tatum helping girlfriend Jessie J with her new album as they confirm their romanceThe SunShe supported him at Magic Mike Live’s opening night in London earlier this week and he is helping her find a ‘new sound’. By Joe Kasper, Bizarre Reporter. Jessie J’s rumoured beau Channing Tatum gushes over her ‘special’ performance as he attends her London concert As you surely heard, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum have officially called it quits on their marriage. This week, the Step Up costars took to Instagram and announced that they had separated after almost nine years of marriage. We’re honestly broken hearted over these two splitting up, as they’ve had quite [ We’re honestly broken hearted over these two splitting up, as they’ve had quite the Hollywood love story. For more details on their romantic journey and sad end in Tinseltown, be sure to

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Life and career — My mom was also adamant about a gender-free household: Early music projects and film Love began several music projects in the s, first forming Sugar Babylon later Sugar Babydoll [b] in Portland with her friends Ursula Wehr and Robin Barbur.

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Pop culture commentary and other musings. Wednesday, October 10, Cunt of the Week: Cunts come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and musical genres. Taylor Swift is this week’s cunt. She’s what some may call a country singer, but I like to call her either a glorified Miley Cyrus or a cheap Carrie Underwood knock-off; either one fits, just take your pick! Let’s learn a little bit more about Taylor and the underlying reasons for her cuntitude will surely speak for themselves.

Like all true country artists, Taylor was born and raised in Pennsylvania.

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In a story whose only proper context would be a Hollywood edition of Clue, TMZ reports that James Franco is being sued by photographer David Tonnessen for a head-butting incident that occurred at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in during a Lana del Rey concert. Tonnessen says that he was snapping photos of Lana, when out of the blue, Franco charged him, head-butting him in the stomach and knocking him to the ground. According to the court docs, Franco was “smiling, rather demonically” when the photog first noticed him, and when Franco made his move, he wore a “blank expression of joy.

Tonnessen says that he was hospitalized after the incident, and suffered permanent injuries.

Boyfriends And Bros Are All About The Couple’s Selfie This Week On Instagram. Misunderstood poets Lana Del Rey and James Franco talked about oppression down by the docks.

Michigan-born Lana Del Rey is a singer and a songwriter. Additionally, she is also a model. Lana Del Rey is an American national. Lana Del Rey is famous is a Grammy-nominated singer. Till now, she has released five studio albums. The talented singer was born on June 21, , as Elizabeth Woolridge Grant.

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This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia view authors. Both albums received positive critical response. It received critical acclaim, and also became Del Rey’s second album to reach number one in the United States, while also reaching the top ten in almost every other country it charted in.

Her paternal grandfather, Robert England Grant, Sr. Before becoming a singer, Del Rey wanted to be a poet.

Most die-hard fans know when their shows come back for the fall TV premieres and what happened last season, but a lot of us might not remember all the details.

Del Rey, 30, has spoken before of her interest in science and philosophy. I was at the same table, and she caught me staring off at the horizon. I really needed to be out there singing. Nielsen Music puts her total U. I meet her for the interview at a John Lautner house she rents in Los Angeles. Lautner was a seminal Southern California architect, and Del Rey says her choice of lodging was deliberate.

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She has released the first track, called “Honeymoon,” which is also the name of the full album. No one has said whether she and James Franco talked about their marketing and release timing, but maybe they should have. Franco has a book about Lana Del Rey hitting shelves in March of next year.

When Franco was starring on Broadway’s Of Mice and Men, Franco shared a backstage picture with Del Rey. “LANA DEL REY and CHICKEN came to the show AND LOVED!” “LANA DEL REY .

They have just broken up because she wants to be settled now and he is not ready for all of this! They also had a split many times but this time they have finally called off this relationship. She had started this relationship in last year, at many of occasions she and Francesco EX Boyfriend were seen kissing in the bright day. The Lana could not keep her hands off from this guy who is having a slim and smart physique. They got in relationship after the break up of Del Rey with her Fiance.

She dated with him for one year but now its time for new boyfriend. Here we have complete and full fledge details about this American singer and also songwriter personal life. Who is Lana Del Rey Dating ? Then they had a split at the time of She also had a relationship with Steven Martens who is an antifolk musician.

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Instead of debunking said rumors, the “Palo Alto” star recently posted a photo of him and the “Born to Die” singer on his public Instagram account, with the caption: Advertisement Advertisement Lana Del Rey has not been seen posting any photos of them together, probably because she’s letting Franco do all stirring. Or maybe she’ll pull a Taylor Swift and put it in an upcoming song of hers.

Nevertheless, her presence in his film premier and Broadway show, including the after party in his own hotel room, already says a lot about their possible relationship.

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I think of the time I traveled overseas and attempted to cram my luggage with about 10 pounds more than I should have. A few hours later, I was dealing with a busted bag and my stuff strewn across the airport floor, just moments before my flight. But even more applicable, I think of the different guys I dated in my twenties, who were loaded with yellow and even red flags. I wanted to be in a relationship so badly that I downplayed the warning signs and tried to make it work.

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