The “chubby Buddha” or “laughing Buddha” is a 10th-century Chinese folk hero by the name of Budai. Although in Pure Land Buddhism the Buddha is considered a savior, he is still not considered a god in the common understanding of the term. The original Hebrew texts mention only tree and fruit. Early Latin translations use the word mali, which can be taken to mean both “evil” and “apple”. In early Germanic languages the word “apple” and its cognates usually meant simply “fruit”. German and French artists commonly depict the fruit as an apple from the 12th century onwards, and John Milton ‘s Areopagitica from explicitly mentions the fruit as an apple. Matthew 2 has traditionally been combined with Isaiah Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

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Abstract The ancient geography of the Mediterranean Basin was profoundly changed by the increase in sea level following the Last Glacial Maximum. This global event has led to the retreat of the coastlines, especially in lowland areas and shallow shelves, such as the Sicilian Channel. The NW sector of this shelf, known as Adventure Plateau, is studded by isolated shoals mostly composed of Late Miocene carbonate rocks and by some volcanic edifices.

These shoals, until at least the Early Holocene, formed an archipelago of several islands separated by stretches of extremely shallow sea.

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The text on her kimono says: You are a beautiful woman Do I look like I speak Spanish? You have a face A male donkey — Despicable Me Advertisement: A hidden message in a foreign language. This ostensibly makes these messages available only to bilingual and international audiences.

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Data Access data on U. We use a rolling date range, so you can always look back 6 months from the current date. We use a rolling date range, so you can always look back 3-months from the current date.

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Next Tinder If you’re dating online, you’re probably already on it. Since its release in — and with its signature swipe-right-to-like, swipe-left-to-pass user interface — Tinder has become the go-to dating app and has shaped many that follow. Users post a few images of themselves and a brief write-up. Login can be based on a Facebook profile, telling potential matches if they know people in common. Tinder Hinge Based even more on Facebook connections than Tinder, the app only hooks you up with friends of friends.

It limits the number of potential matches presented each day. Hinge CoffeeMeetsBagel Slow things down. To combat heavy swiping this app limits users to one potential match per day. CoffeeMeetsBagel Grindr Think of it as the inspiration for Tinder with gay men as the target audience. The app uses geolocation to let you know if potential matches are nearby.

Grindr Siren Made by women, it’s supposed to be a more controlled environment where women can limit their visibility. Siren Grouper For people who would rather meet in groups.

People reference XKCD a lot, but sometimes I feel like this one is pretty relevant too. : ADHD

Having seen it all in so many movies, she felt like she was going to visit a legendary movie set. It was too much to think about all at once. The Story of Humans and Space About six million years ago, a very important female great ape had two children.

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Genetic Entropy was really the one concept that got me to really start looking into things, and it was one of my primary reasons for starting the site. I have to warn you that I was utterly devastated after reading this book. It utterly crushed my view of the future of humanity and the world. If you are having a bad day or have something important to do soon, I would suggest you stop reading and come back at a later time.

Emotions aside, we have made some very important discoveries in genetics that really deserve attention and consideration. No matter what the specific models or ancestry that are given, the underpinning idea of Neo-Darwinian Theory is that mutation and natural selection combine to cause evolutionary progress. This is how we went from single celled organisms to the dominant species on the planet. Mutation and natural selection can be thought of as a balance.

Mutation adds in random variations in the genetic code and natural selection is simply the process by which more fit, healthy organisms are more likely to produce. By itself, natural selection cannot create any new variation, it only eliminates variation. If you are sickly, or have a lethal mutation, natural selection says you will probably not pass your genes on to the next generation.

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Maybe it was the profile picture. Maybe it was the first conversation you had over the phone. Whatever it was, there seemed to be enough chemistry that you wanted to take the conversation away from your computer and move things into a restaurant for a first meeting.

moose jaw online dating site with credit card dating dubai. None of us is perfect so you can never be right a hundred percent of the time, but trust someone online that you just met with the most intimate details of your life is not a good idea.

For years, people have used Facebook informally to look for dates. Now Mark Zuckerberg says the platform is starting a dating service. Some experts say the move could invite unwanted solicitation. Mark Zuckerberg made a big announcement this week. Facebook is soon going to launch a new dating service. And he emphasized, it is for meaningful relationships but that is a hard standard to meet on a site that’s full of people with very different intentions from love, to adultery, to annoying come-ons.

NPR’s Aarti Shahani, reports. She was there with her husband. Facebook came along, and Miller spotted her name in a comment. Turns out, she was divorced.

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The students of Class 3 manage to force and subvert this trope, in an effort to stop the calamity that kills off members of the class and their family members. Due to the calamity being caused by one person in the class actually being dead, it can be averted if the class ignores one person in the class and pretends they don’t exist They originally choose Mei Misaki, until the protagonist ends up talking to her, having not been briefed by the class on how to behave.

This appears to start the calamity all over again, and the students even resort to ignoring the protagonist himself, with no success.

The Pwned Passwords service was created in August after NIST released guidance specifically recommending that user-provided passwords be checked against existing data breaches. Just to make sure you’re not a robot, please solve this puzzle first.

This season’s news is that in May the European Courts of Justice ruled that an individual could demand that ‘irrelevant or outdated’ information be deleted from search engine results. On one hand this is to be welcomed because of the growth of personal detail data capture as well as the increase in archive material containing personal information still relevant to today being posted. Here some of fandom regrettably has to take its share of the blame. Make no mistake, while the majority of fans running websites do so honourably and respecting personal data, a minority do not.

Last year we noted that one British-run SMOF website had proven reluctant to recognise fans’ data protection rights: What the European law has done is to support people’s ‘right to be forgotten’. Now there is a counter-argument to this and that is by making it compulsory to take down certain stories is censorship. The early impact of this law is for Google to have received a number of requests to block pages from showing up on their search engine results and that a fair proportion of these have been from folk who have in the past had a criminal conviction seeking to hide their illicit history.

It also needs to be noted that omitting a result from a search engine query is not the same as taking down a page. In the US, Slate’s Lily Hay Newman argued that if taking down search results became the norm, another problem may arise. But it still exists, and interested parties may be able to find it. Meanwhile fandom and convention runners most of whom have fair-minded webmasters running sites , need to ensure that they are whiter than white as well as respect those that may not want to sign-up to online forms by providing alternative routes of communication even though only a small minority are extremely wary of on-line form filling:

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