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Welcome to the March edition of Busmopolitan. Professional drivers have a big responsibility for safety and it was disturbing to hear about an Essex bus driver who concealed his type 2 diabetes from his employer. As a result he was involved in an accident which resulted in the death of an 82 year old pedestrian. The driver had been employed for 5 years by a well known and respected operator, who were completely aware of his medical condition. It also appeared that prescription drugs to control his condition were not used. He was also banned from driving for 3 and a half years and ordered to take an extended driving test at the end of the ban. This has parallels with the incident in Glasgow in December , when a dustcart ran out of control and killed 6 pedestrians. It was later found that the driver had become incapacitated as the result of a medical condition he had kept hidden from his then current employer, and a previous employer who was a large bus company.

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Pidginized Arabic in the eleventh century A. Thomason AlaaElgibali Show more https: Linguistic features of the text are compared to features of modern Arabic-based pidgins and the Arabic-based creole Ki-Nubi; to Classical Arabic and modern colloquial Arabic dialects; and to Berber languages, which were spoken widely in the part of the Sahara from which the text apparently came.

The results of this comparison show that the text shares a significant number of features with the modern pidgins and creole. Although a single brief text hardly provides enough evidence to establish the existence of a fully crystallized pidgin language, we argue that social conditions in towns along the medieval Arab trade routes in northern Africa were likely to have been appropriate for the development of a pidgin.

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Copyright Miloslavich et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are properly credited. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Associated Data Table S1: Sources of information used to estimate total number of marine species for different taxa of the Tropical East Pacific region of South America.

Sources of information used to estimate total number of marine species for different taxa of the Patagonian Shelf region of South America. Diversity, state of knowledge, and expertise of all taxonomic groups within the Tropical East Pacific region of South America.

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After she wrapped her event up, there was a bustle of activity in another quarter of London, as the Duchess of Cambridge made a similarly unannounced engagement! I am keeping this picture from the Sneak Peek, because, you know, Mr. The Duchess was at UCL to learn about the research being done on the effect trauma has on young minds. This is another event that is part of Kate’s ongoing work in early intervention for mental health.

For those who track these things, you can see Catherine Quinn, and Mr. Security in this arrival video.

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Learn about Community Archaeology Archaeology at Qithyil Archaeology is one way to understand and honour our ancestors, the people who built and lived at our ancestral site Qithyil sometimes called the Scowlitz site. How far are we looking back in terms of having our people live in this particular area? Telling the students that they had to be respectful and they had to have good feelings when they went over there. And the way they went over there was the way they had to come back.

Like um, not bringing bad thoughts back from the mountains. Because the site transformed in use over time, and its functions seem to have changed from village to cemetery as I mentioned earlier, we can see that as a village location, how people lived at the site was in many ways very similar to how other villages were lived in and occupied all along the Fraser system and part of the Harrison system. So, people were interacting with one another – not just in the immediate area, but all up and down the river system, and throughout the entire Fraser drainage system.

Most of all, I remember the information that was given to us, like what they were doing over there. All the artifacts that they found there, and then when they found the remains it was just like another world, coming open. One of the other really interesting discoveries at the site is that, um, the house, the largest house that we excavated, for which we could discover its size, and shape, looked to be oriented towards the river. And we, more or less, sort of naively thought that the big house at the site that we excavated was simply just located on the terrace so that people could have access to the water.

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Would you still hire me? I sent my thank you note to the VP I interviewed with but I kept making changes to my thank you note and started to get flustered because it was getting late and I wanted to send it asap. I made my changes, read through it quickly and sent it I made my changes, read through it quickly and sent it off. I went back to look at what I wrote and I had made a couple pretty obvious mistakes.

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MWX Collaborative digital curation and recursive publics: Funded by the Virtual Museum of Canada, the project was collaboratively produced between and by intergenerational community members, archaeologists, media producers, exhibition designers, and museum anthropologists. In this paper, we dig into the long-term collaborative relationships that were formed in the process of conducting community-based archaeological work at Qithyil, which included the development of cultural protocols for excavating and re-burying ancestral human remains.

We then directly connect these relationships to developments in new digital collections networks, such as the Reciprocal Research Network, which was co-developed by four British Columbia First Nations. We argue that, in a recursive mode, our collaborative media production, influenced by innovative long-term community-based archaeological practice at Qithyil, signals the potential of digital heritage projects to intervene in conventional museum and curatorial practices.

We are a nation of tribes joined together by our families, the land and the rivers. These are our origin stories and the true stories that tell our history. Funded by the Virtual Museum of Canada, the project was created between and by intergenerational community members, archaeologists, media producers, exhibition designers, and museum anthropologists see the full list of credits at http: We then connect these relationships to developments in new digital collections networks that made this virtual project possible.

As this project demonstrates, these networks are creating new possibilities for associations and interactions between researchers, Indigenous communities, and museums, while demonstrating the complexities of such work and the necessity of long term collaboration.

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Tony Leung Chiu-wai , Wong’s frequent leading man During the long production of Ashes of Time, Wong faced a two-month break as he waited for equipment to re-record sound for some scenes. So I made Chungking Express , which I made like a student film. Chungking had originally been conceived as three stories, but when time ran out Wong developed the third as a new project instead: Upon release in September , several critics felt that the film was too similar to Chungking Express and some complained that Wong had become self-indulgent.

Wong was widely expected to address the event in his next film; instead, he avoided the pressure by choosing to shoot in Argentina.

The Model series of firearms are center fire bolt-action rifles manufactured by Remington Arms since , an according to multiple sources, is the most popular rifle in the world with over 5 .

Just let that sink in. Now with that anchor at the back of mind, below are the highlights of the day. This news may come as a shock to some but rest assured — what we lacked in skills, we compensated with effort. The team went into the group stages with the usual attitude: However, top scorers the likes of Jessica Heng, Irwin Tan and Charlene Chua did not let the defeat get into their heads.

Like with the ball today.


When she dies suddenly, her family take the robot, which looks just like Rachel, into their home as part of an experiment. The After Wife is the story of a family ripped apart by grief who are given a second chance to reconnect with the woman they loved and lost. Let’s look at my situation, sans rose tinted specs.

I am the subject of village gossip, pursued by the mafia playground variety , turning 40 in a matter of weeks. An Event to Remember Her days of slaving away at Carrie’s Classic Events and More are numbered as she is on the brink of launching her own event planning company.

Aug 10,  · But just when she received blessings from her parents in her entrepreneurial pursuit, she faced a whole set of new challenges: the stigma attached to dating agencies that prevented them from.

Mary Board of Directors is using this proxy statement to solicit proxies for use at the annual meeting. In this proxy statement, “St. Mary”, “the Company”, we, and us refer to St. Purpose of the Annual Meeting At the Company’s annual meeting, stockholders will vote on: As of the date of this proxy statement, the Company is not aware of any business to come before the meeting other than the items noted above.

In accordance with rules and regulations recently adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission the “SEC” , the Company is furnishing our proxy materials to our stockholders on the Internet. Stockholders will have the ability to access the proxy materials on a website referred to in the Notice or request that the Company send them a printed set of the proxy materials by following the instructions in the Notice.